Erich Gonzales

March 8, 2012

Erich GonzalesErich Gonzales was born on September 20, 1980 in Cebu City. She was raised in Davao City and she took her elementary and high school in that place.

Her showbiz career started when she participated and became the big winner of the talent reality search sponsred by ABS-CBN. She was declared the grand questor in the Kapamilya network’s Star Circle Quest in the year 2005.

She was then casted in the sitcom “OK Fine, ‘To Ang Gusto Nyo”. She also appeared in various ABS-CBN shows and those appearances honed her skills in acting and also in hosting. She is a mainstay of the teen variety show “ASAP”.

But although ERich Gonzales had a great credential and potential, it took for some time before she was spotted in the spotlight. She was just given small roles in those previous appearances and no big roles were given to her.

But with her beauty and acting prowess, she was unanimously chosen to portray the role of Nene in the remake of “Katorse”. Although she was already more than 14 years old when she performed that role, she did it with convincingly and that show catapulted Erich’s career to where it is now.

It was then followed by “Maria La Del Barrio”, again, her portraying the lead role. It was also another hit in the TV charts. As of this writing, she has an upcming movie with actor Derek Ramsay titled “Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang”.


Coco Martin

September 12, 2011


Coco Martin

Coco Martin

Coco Martin is known as the prince of independent films in the Philippines. He go this accolade due to the number of independent films he made and the number of awards his films have earned. Coco literally got his fame from independent films.

Although he started in ABS-CBN, it was the indie films he made that shaped his career. As of now, Coco Martin is back in mainstream movies but his name is always related to indie films. Even Coco himself admitted that he is still open in appearing in indie films although he is already busy doing mainstream movies.

Coco Martin has also dominated the small screen. As of this writing, his ongoing prime time TV show is making it’s way on top of the TV ratings chart. His partnership with actress Maja Salvador, his love interest in the TV show, has already crated a huge fan base in all over the archipelago. This even caused a brawl between Coco and Maja’s real life boyfriend because the latter got jealous with the way Coco was treated by Maja. There are even gossips that Maja might dump her boyfriend to give way for their love team to be real.

The future is really bright for the career of Coco Martin. He has projects the are already lined up for him under his mother studio ABS-CBN. There are also movies that are lined-up for him and he is now recognized as one of the hottest pinoy hunks in the country.

Andrea del Rosario

August 10, 2011

Andrea del Rosario was one of the hottest bold stars during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. She started as a model for some popular brands before she was discovered by a talent scout and introduced to a producer for bold movies. It was at that time that bold movies were at their height of popularity in the Philippines.

But before her stint in bold movies and even in her modelling career, Andrea del Rosario was introduced in showbiz as part of the teen oriented group Gimik in ABS-CBN. Andrea was also included in the cast of Esperanza and Mula sa Puso topbilled by Judy Anne Santos and Claudine Baretto respectively.

Those showbiz exposures introduced Andrea del Rosario to the Filipino audience and when she started making those bold movies, they were all hit. There are a lot of bold or mature films to her name and the most notable is “Lupe: Seaman’s Wife” which broke the record on the box office for bold movies at that time.

Andrea then became a member of the all sexy female group Viva Hot Babes and she was one of the most recognizable names there namely Maui Taylor, Katya Santos and others. They made movies, recorded songs and made some adult instructional videos which were hit especially to the male audiences.

Francine Prieto

February 17, 2011

Francine PrietoFrancine Prieto is one of the hottest sexy stars that the Philippine showbiz has produced. She started as a teen star in the teen variety show That’s Entertainment and honed there her hosting and acting skills. Francine then ventured into modelling.

Francine was a standout in the modelling world because of her towering height. She has been in the spotlight in every modelling event she attended not only with her height but also with her unique European beauty. She then ventured into Binibining Pilipinas Pageant and she was one of the early favorites of the contest.

But Francine did not land in any major awards in the pageant to the dismay of some critics. But that exposure opened an opportunity for her to join movies. She was casted into different bold movies and the most notable was the Liberated 1 and 2 where she did it with another bold star Diana Zubiri.

After her bold movies stint, Francine Prieto joined the small screen and she was signed under GMA-7. She made name in TV when she was casted in Encantadia with the role of Queen Avria. She did other TV shows under the Kapuso network until she decided to shift to the Kapamilya network.

As of this writing, Francine Prieto is already doing some projects under ABS-CBN and that only proves that she is a versatile actress and can work on any role and environment.

Shalani Soledad

December 13, 2010

Shalani SoledadThe freshest face in the Philippine showbiz is Shalani Soledad. Shalani is also a second termer councilor in her district in Valenzuela. But before her entrance to the limelight, she was only known as the girlfriend of then Senator Noynoy Aquino. There was no information about her personal life in that stage and Shalani was far from the limelight then.

Shalani Soledad became a household name when she helped Noynoy in his campaign for the presidency in the 2010 presidential elections. She can be seen in Noynoy’s campaign sortie and even go by herself in some places to campaign for Noynoy. She was admired by the masses of her effort to help Noynoy and many saw her dedication and sincerity in her endeavor.

But when the campaign ended, her romantic relationship also ended with the president. For unknown reasons, Noynoy dumped her and courted his stylist Liz Uy. Many speculated that all of these were orchestrated by no other than the presidential sister Kris Aquino although she vehemently denied it.

That was also the time Shalani Soledad came into the limelight when she joined Willie Revillame to host the latest primtime show Willing Willie in TV5. Her stint in Willing Willie brings her more exposure and more people will know more of her. As of this writing, Shalani Soledad is doing well in her hosting job although many critics are saying she needs to improve it further. But given the time, this writer feels that Shalani will improve her craft and will become one of the indispensable assets of the show.

Aubrey Miles

November 3, 2010

Aubrey MilesAubrey Miles was a student at the University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music when showbiz called her. Her beauty captured the interest of movie producer Dondon Monteverde and signed her up with an eight movies for 2 years contract.

Her first movie was “Prosti” where she played the role of a prostitute. The movie was in bold genre and sine Aubrey was fresh at that time, her movie was a hit in the box office. The film grossed more than 40 million pesos and that made her a box office star.

Due to the success of her first movie, Aubrey Miles was then again given another bold assignment and this time the movie was taken from a tabloid sex advice column titled “Xerex”. The movie had three episodes where Aubrey Miles portrayed the main character in the said three episodes. But the movie was a flop in the box office as it competed against big foreign and local films in the play date.

Another opportunity was given to her and this time a horror film titled “Sanib”. Again, the movie did not make it in the box office as it grossed only to 8.1 million with a budget of more or less 25 million pesos.

After those setbacks in her movie career, Aubrey Miles tried her fate in hosting. She was signed in ABS-CBN and became a co-host in “Magandang TAnghali Bayan”, a noontime show for ABS-CBN. Aubrey also played supporting roles in some ABS-CBN movies.

Aubrey Miles was also featured in men’s magazines and the most popular is the FHM Philippines. Her pictorial was taken after her first successful movie and her FHM stint was also a hit. She was also featured in the FHM calendar together with Maui Taylor and Diana Zubiri.

Aubrey Miles however bade farewell to showbiz when she was impregnated by her boyfriend and bore their love child. But the call of showbiz is something that cannot be resisted by Aubrey. Just recently, she joined the Survivor Philippines Celebrity Challenge that marked her comeback in the Philippine showbiz.


Gwen Garci

September 21, 2010

Gwen GarciIf there’s a Pinay bold star whose beauty is so unique, that is Gwen Garci. Her beauty is so unique that she always stands out even if she is with the other Viva Hot Babes members. This is due to Gwen’s heritage of Japanese, Chinese, Filipina and Spanish although she is claiming to be of Chinese descendants.

Gwen is one of the original members of the VHB when she was discovered in one of her stints in Baguio where she won the Body Shots contest. Gwen Garci is also a famous model where her billboards is seen everywhere in the country with her endorsement of Jag and Levi’s jeans.

Together with the VHB, Gwen made some controversial movies like the Viva Hot Babes Movie. This movie was protested by some conservative groups claiming it so daring and it is not fit to be shown in movies. The controversy made made Gwen Garci even more popular that she was casted in different movies with different genres.

Gwen Garci is famous with her instructional video about striptease. The video sold thousands of copies here and abroad.