Andrea del Rosario

Andrea del Rosario was one of the hottest bold stars during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. She started as a model for some popular brands before she was discovered by a talent scout and introduced to a producer for bold movies. It was at that time that bold movies were at their height of popularity in the Philippines.

But before her stint in bold movies and even in her modelling career, Andrea del Rosario was introduced in showbiz as part of the teen oriented group Gimik in ABS-CBN. Andrea was also included in the cast of Esperanza and Mula sa Puso topbilled by Judy Anne Santos and Claudine Baretto respectively.

Those showbiz exposures introduced Andrea del Rosario to the Filipino audience and when she started making those bold movies, they were all hit. There are a lot of bold or mature films to her name and the most notable is “Lupe: Seaman’s Wife” which broke the record on the box office for bold movies at that time.

Andrea then became a member of the all sexy female group Viva Hot Babes and she was one of the most recognizable names there namely Maui Taylor, Katya Santos and others. They made movies, recorded songs and made some adult instructional videos which were hit especially to the male audiences.


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